2016 Registration Open Now

After receiving tons of enquiries, we are open for enrolment. You can opt for a visitation to find out more or to obtain an application for admission form. Otherwise, there is always an online form available, as well as online banking to deposit your booking fee or for full payment. Do contact Teacher Shiela at 014 – 967 9680 for further information! 🙂

One thought on “2016 Registration Open Now

  1. Nurelyani mohd yusof -

    Assalamualaikum teacher shila..sya puan nurelyani.sya brminat utk dpatkn mklumat tntang cleverland.sya brcadang utk hntar ank sya awl thun 2016.di hrap teacher shila boleh brikan mklumat lngkap tntang yuran kseluruhan ye.ank sya skrg brumur 3 thun.sya brminat antara half day@extended program.sya tggu sms blas dri teacher ye..contact no sya 012-6543558 trima ksih..Assalamualaikum

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