Parent-Teacher Sharing & Orientation Session

Dear parents, InsyaAllah we will be having a parent-teacher sharing and orientation session for all our mommies and daddies at the school. This will be a ‘sembang santai’ approach so we can all break the ice during the session.

It is compulsory for all especially our new students (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE find the time to attend as the content is super crucial for the whole year and beyond!) Mahatma Gandhi once said, every home is a university and parents are the teachers. So let’s team up for a better result, shall we? 😉
Prospect parents can attend too if you’d like to have an insight on our school and program!
What would the content be?
– What your children will learn
– How they’ll learn it at school, with demo too!
– How to assist learning and homework at home for a faster/better result (now this is very important because we need to be consistent with our math and phonics approach so the kids won’t be confused)
– How everything works at school
– Orientation month content
– What to expect
– The T&Cs at Cleverland (fees, rules etc)
– Getting the right resources (games/books etc for your kids)
– and more!
Kindly get back to teacher Shiela asap if you’re coming and how many pax. We prefer not to have children around so we can focus on the session and to avoid congestion but if you can’t help it, please let us know prior.


Thank you thank you thank you!

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