Fee Structure For 2018


Half Day

7.00am - 11.30am
RM250 per month

RM220 for 2nd child
Payable Jan – Nov


7.00am - 3.30pm
RM390 per month

RM350 for 2nd child
Payable Jan – Nov

Full Day

7.00am - 7.00pm
RM510 per month

RM460 for 2nd child
Payable Jan – Dec

Registration Fees

Annual Fee - RM1290

  • Montessori apparatus
  • Books and printables
  • Equipment and stationary
  • Art and science materials
  • Internal/mini activites or events
  • Administration and registration
  • P.A. insurance
  • Files, photos, nametag and reports
  • Maintenance, war and tear
  • Supplementary and other costs

Sports Shirt - RM28 each

Events - RM450

  • Sports day
  • Field trip
  • Year end concert
  • Islamic programs
    • Solat camp
    • Hajj simulation
    • etc
  • Parent-child activity like
    • Picnic
    • Buy and sell
    • etc
  • Art expo and donation drive
  • Brain games, science fest, messy play fiesta etc.

Payable Upon Registration

  1. Annual fee
  2. Events
  3. Sport shirts
  4. January fee
  5. Final month deposit
  6. 1 week orientation at end of Dec (for new students only)

*Final month deposit covers the monthly fee for the final month of the year for your child, and is required as a security deposit


  • Fees are payable every 5th of each month via bank transfer or cheque only
  • Penalty for late payment will be imposed on payment made later than 5th
  • All fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable
  • Monthly fees must be paid regardless of the child’s attendance
  • All fees are payable to Cleverland Edutainment Sdn. Bhd,  Maybank acc: 5148 7907 3302
  • Proof of payment will be forwarded to 014-9679680 (teacher Shiela)
  • Overtime of RM7/hr per child (calculated every harf hourly) is accumulated and payable on the following month. OT is chargeable from:
    • Half Day: 11.45am onwards
    • Extended: 3.45pm onwards
    • Full Day: 7.00pm only, school closes at 7pm sharp with no O.T. allowed
  • Other terms and conditions apply and subject to change without notice

No Hidden Fees

Register Now

Reserve a seat for your child with a booking fee of RM300 only
Balance should be paid before the first day of school / orientation day for 2018.