Preschool & Daycare

Do you know that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important? They create a foundation that shapes the children’s future health, growth, happiness, development and learning achievement at school, in the family and life in general. Early experience shapes the brains’s architecture. This is why precisely the West invest more on their children’s education in the first few years than ever. Because they know how education, environment and upbringing have a direct impact on their children, lifelong.

That is why at Cleverland Playschool

  • We believe that ‘learn to play’ and ‘play to learn’ is crucial and effective.
  • We teach the hearts, not just the brains.
  • We love them, yet guide them to be independent and be responsible.
  • We allow them to be curious, because we beleive that it is the key to future success.
  • We nurture them as if they were our own.
  • We want them to love Allah SWT and be a proud Muslim.

Preschool & Kindergarten for age 4 to 6

  • Embraces Islam
  • Fun & Interactive
  • Montessori Inspired
  • Small Classes
  • English Medium
  • Value For Money
  • Experienced Teachers
  • Indoor Playground
  • Promotes Independence
  • Systematic Syllabus
  • English
  • Math
  • Iqra
  • Hafazan
  • Solat
  • Science
  • Art & Crafts
  • Practical Life
  • Culture
  • Stories
  • Fitness & Gym
  • Music & more!
  • Cooking
  • Solat
  • Iqra
  • Constructive Play
  • Project Approach
  • Art
  • Lego & Playdoh
  • Pretend Play and MORE!