Welcome to Our School

What’s makes us one of a kind?
Cleverland Playschool is an English medium preschool that caters children from 3 to 6 years of age. We stress on hands on learning, thus catering individualised needs. We embrace Islam by instilling good values as well as fostering independency. Not to forget having fun throughout the lessons. In short, we provide a wholesome environment and positive upbringing for the most crucial developmental age.

Math & Logic

Early numeracy, addition, subtraction, time telling, money, measurement fraction etc

Cultural, General Knowledge & Sciences

Explorations and experiments on Biology, Zoology, Earth Science, Botany etc

Practical Life & Sensorial

Taking care of self, Cutting, Threading, Pouring, Transferring etc. Develop and refine the five senses.

Sports & Fitness

Non-competitive Games, Work Out, Hand Eye Coordination, etc.

Islamic Education

Iqra, Islamic Stories, Doa, Dzikir & Surah Memorization,  Solat, Good Behaviour etc

Language & Literacy

Speaking, Reading & Writing in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Art & Craft

Mixed Media, Paper, Decorative & Fashion Crafts, etc.

Music & Movement

Nursery Rhymes, Understanding Melodic Patterns, Listening Skills, Movement Response etc.